SHORT DESCRIPTION• Regulation size and weight • 2 1/4-inch numbered table balls each weighing 6-ounces • 2 3/8-inch. cue ball • Balls are made of polyester resin to resist chipping and cracking • For use in coin operated and other tables requiring an oversized cue ball returnIf you want quality at low price, then the Economy Billiard Ball Set is just what you need. This regulation set of 2-1/4-inch diameter, 6-ounce balls has 15 numbered table balls and an oversized 2 3/8-inch cue ball. Made of polyester resin, they resist chipping and cracking. A great value ball set. Designed for coin operated pool tables and tables that use a oversized cue ball return.

2 1/4" Standard Ball Set with 2 3/8" Cue Ball