Replacing the extremely popular Pac-Man Arcade Party, Pac-Man Pixel Bash takes a good concept and makes it great, with more games and awesome new cabinet art!


Classic upright cabinet has the same shape as the old Midway cabinets but with a crystal clear 26” LCD monitor, way bigger than the original 19” monitors.


Model comes with a coin mechanism but can be set to free play.


Greatly expanding on the concept of Arcade Party the new Pixel Bash offers even more game titles to choose from!


31 titles include:

Baraduke (1985) Bosconian (1981) Dig Dug (1982) Dig Dug II (1985) Dragon Buster (1984) Dragon Spirit (1987) Galaga (1981) Galaga ’88 (1987) Galaxian (1979) Gaplus (1984) Grobda (1984) Hopping Mappy (1986) King And Balloon (1981) Mappy (1983) Metro-Cross (1985) MotoS (1985) New Rally-X (1981) Pac-Man (1980) Pac-Man Plus (1982) Pac & Pal (1983) Pacmania (1987) Rally-X (1980) Rolling Thunder (1986) Rompers (1989) Sky Kid (1985) Sky Kid Deluxe (1985) Splatterhouse (1988) Super Pac-Man (1982) Super Xevious (1984) Tower Of Druaga (1984) Xevious (1982).

Title Pac-Man Pixel Bash Coin-Op Upright Arcade Game