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Sharkey's Shootout Pinball Machine



Sharkey’s Shootout is a pinball machine from September 2000, manufactured by Stern Pinball, Inc.


Sharkey’s SHOOTOUT is the first tournament pinball ever. It takes place in a pool hall on Main Street, U.S.A. The name of the hall is “Sharkey’s.” Once a year Sharkey, the owner and one of the players, throws out a challenge to all the local talent and some colorful characters show up to take home bragging rights and some sweaty stacks of cash.


The current reigning champion at “Sharkey’s” is Jeanette Lee. However, you will first have to defeat five other players at 8 ball or 9 ball before you have the chance to go toe to toe with the “Black Widow.” Among the players are a cowboy named Tex, a New Yorker called Sticks, a mystery lady named Dr. Wood, and an alien from another planet whom we call Mr. Grey. So get your best game ready because they’re all chalked up and playing to win.


Price: $3000

Sharkey's Shootout Pinball Machine USED

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