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Our Super Mario Bros. Bar Top Arcade features the newest Pandora Box 9S board offering 2,600 games.  The beauty of the Pandora boards is the RELIABILITY amongst the seamless software and operating system.  The ability to hide or show games on your system (in case 2,600 games is too much!)  The games can also be divided into categories for easy navigation.


Our arcades are commercially manufactured with all commercial grade components ensuring long lasting fun with none of the issues! All games come with a 1 year warranty on all parts.




- Pandora Box 9S 2,600 Games (JAMMA RELIABLE)

- 19" Square Commercial Grade LCD Monitor (Play your classics how they were meant to be played!)

- Milk White Acrylic bezel (no cardboard or paper in this machine)

- Backlit Marquee

- Speaker system with amp and volume control

- Suzo Happ Buttons and Joystick for superior quality

- International Coin Mechanism to accept any coin (GAMES COME SET ON FREE PLAY)


We are always here to offer FULL TECHNICAL SUPPORT- If you have any issues or just need someone to walk you through the ins and outs of the game we are always happy to help! 


Super Mario Bar Top 2600 in 1

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